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Hitesi Industries Div. of TEC-GI Products Inc. is an international company specialized in the manufacture of precision components for locomotive and diesel engines.  In addition, Hitesi together with the Nungu Group in southern Africa, provides total support to the railroad industry including technical support, rebuild programs, supply of overhaul shop equipment, replacement of obsolete components and on site repair services.

Hitesi serves all the major railways throughout the world that operate EMD, GE and ALCO fleet of locomotives and supplies high quality parts that meet or exceed the performance of the OEM Standards.  Parts manufactured are engine and chassis components as well as customized equipment on special request by customers.  

The Nungu Group, working together with Hitesi offers technical support services for overhaul shop equipment recommendation and supply for rebuild and maintenance programs.

Rolling Stock

Hitesi Industries Div. of TEC-GI Products Inc.

Wayside Inspection Devices (WID) of Rigaud, QC, Canada (near Montreal) manufacture a system that inspects the condition of bogies using sensors installed at the side of the railway line. Since the recent fatal derailments rail safety has become a priority worldwide with focus on both the condition of the rail infrastructure as well as the condition of the rolling stock. The TEBOGI system from WID offers an efficient and cost effective solution to the latter.

The TBOGI system monitors bogie health, by monitoring misalignment and hunting in motion. WID together with the NUNGU Group work with railway operators to improve proactive maintenance based on condition data and thus extend the asset lifespan of rolling stock and track assets. Preventive maintenance costs one third of reactive maintenance and prolongs the life of asset by 30% or more, but also leads to huge cost savings in the long run.

For a wayside system to be useful for predictive maintenance the system needs to provide data that can be used at a proactive alert level, rather than simply at a reactive (gross) alert level. This is key for being able to move to replacing the physical inspections undertaken in running depots and rail yards.

TBOGI provides data fundamental for projecting and lengthening bogie component life, assessing performance, identifying when component change out will be required, and establishing the readiness for service. This enables component utilisation to be maximised, and component and fleet performance trends to be established and managed against fleet averages and expected wear rates. Predictive Maintenance is not so much about ‘doing things to assets’ but about using assets to deliver value and achieve the organisation’s explicit purpose. Therefore TBOGI data is very important for bogie maintenance to know what requires attention and when, and to be able to target root causes.

For both rolling stock and rail infrastructure, TBOGI provides a data driven approach for optimising assets, greatly reducing costs, and increasing operational availability.

Wayside Inspection Devices (WID)

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