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The Holland Company of Crete, IL, USA as represented by the NUNGU Group in southern Africa offers the most comprehensive line of in-track flash butt rail welding equipment in the world, affording our customers the choice of selecting welding equipment that is most suitable for their specific application requirements. Holland’s flash butt welding machines are used in mobile, semi-stationary or stationary applications generating long welded rail sections for track rail installation and maintenance/repair welding for existing track. The application spectrum is that of the most demanding heavy wheel load freight applications to the newest, high speed rail lines.


KZV s.r.o. (Commercial Railway Research) of Prague in the Czech Republic produce a range of high quality and state of the art track geometry measuring units and distribute them to a worldwide market and are approved for use by such discriminating operators as Deutsche Bahn, Austrian Railways, Czech Rail and operators as far afield as Australia, Taiwan and Korea.

There are several KZV units in operation locally in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi and Namibia. These are being used both for long range operations such as the new Moatize to Nacala line as well the maintenance of depots and private rail facilities.

The NUNGU Group represents KZV in the region and offers sales, service and technical back up or all equipment sold. In addition, as this is a live technology, we are constantly upgrading both the software and hardware to improve the efficiency of the equipment in order to keep up to date with the stringent requirements of our customers.

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As the sole representatives of Linsinger Austria in Southern Africa, the NUNGU Group are in a position to offer the supply, delivery, training and maintenance of the world’s most advanced and efficient equipment for the milling, grinding and reconditioning of rail to original specifications efficiently, safely and cost effectively.

The Linsinger units are far more efficient than the older units currently in use in the region as they will recondition the rail and cut the desired profile on one pass without dangerous sparking while reclaiming the steel off cuts in a hopper for later disposal as scrap metal.

The Linsinger equipment is the standard for several railways in Europe such as Austrian Railways, Deutsche Bahn etc., as well as by Australian Railways who are using two SF-02 road/track rail units. Russian Rail have just purchased 3 of the large SF06 units for use on their vast rail network.

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